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If it weren't for physics and law enforcement I'd be unstoppable...

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Birthdate:Dec 4
Location:Houston, Texas, United States of America
Crazed would-be novelist with a penchant for snark and a warped sense of humor has now been released unattended. Woe unto you all.

Honestly, I'm usually lurking around the internet on some weird brain tangent or another, and I love meeting new people and/or really clever bots. ^_~ Unfortunately, I can get a bit paranoid/cautious about initiating contact, so I usually don't. Hypocritical probably, since I really don't mind anyone contacting me and in fact encourage it. PM me, or shoot me a line on one of the chat clients. It's the more the merrier on the crazy train....bigots, racists, and serial killers/rapists excluded. You guys stay over there on your end of the internet, deal?

I'm currently clawing my way (ever so slowly) through grad school, so my posting activity on here comes and goes with the wind, but as a champion class lurker, I'm usually around in some form or another. Because that didn't sound creepy at all. -__-
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